Top-Rated Penis Extenders

Below are reviews of the top five brands of 2015 based on customer satisfaction and a variety of important factors. The brands below the best combination of value and performance. More reviews will be added as new products hit the market.

Rank Brand Score Speed Results Comfort Certified Medical Guarantee Customers Review Editors Review Price Index Visit Store
1. 95% 98% YES 6 mths Read Review $320.95
2. SizeGenetics 90% 90% YES 6 mths Read Review $350.00
3. 87% 85% N/A 6 mths Read Review $429.95
4. 84% 85% YES 6 mths Read Review $250.00
5. 83% 80% NO 6 mths Read Review $99.00

What Makes X4 Labs The #1 Extender?

With a wide range of natural enhancement products on the market, only a handful deliver real results in a safe and effective manner. One of the most trusted brands is X4 labs. In business nearly a decade, this North American based company has built a solid reputation of building high-quality traction devices that dramatically increase girth and length in a reasonable amount of time. Compared to other brands, they deliver the most comprehensive penis enlargement program we have seen. This includes all the necessary parts, programs, and training for successful results

Most importantly, X4 labs has garnered high marks and praise from real customers. The majority of reviews have been positive with users seeing results in as little as six months. Below are more examples of why we chose X4 labs.

      • LIfetime Warranty – Customers can replace their extender for any reason with a lifetime guarantee. Furthermore, they are protected with a 6 month growth guarantee. If you are not pleased with your results, you can return the product for a full refund, no questions asked
      • Hybrid Support System – X4 labs offers what many consider the most comfortable support system for your penis. Regardless of the shape or size of your penis you will experience unparalleled comfort and ease of use.
      • Endorsed by leading medical professionals and doctors
      • Grade A Medical Device
      • Backed by clinical studies
      • Completely safe and natural enlargement
      • Best value among leading brands. Includes training DVDS, penile health course, love making DVDs, and more

Does It Matter If You’re Well-Endowed?

Does having a big penis really matter? Will it actually have an effect on your sex life? There are many conflicting answers to contend with, and sometimes it can be difficult to determine which way you should go. In modern society, pornos, magazines, popular media emphasize the relationship between penis size and masculinity. A big dick is characterized with power and increased dominance. The media tells us that women prefer big cocks for deeper penetration, and it is often joked that sex is only enjoyable if the man is well-hung.

An internet survey of 52,031 men performed by UCLA and published by the American Psychological Association in 2006 found that 66% of men viewed the size of their dick as average, 22% as above average, and 12% as below average. Interestingly, men who considered their endowment as large rated their appearance as more favorable suggesting that having a bigger penis boost self confidence. One can only assume that men who are dissatisfied with their penile size are less likely to undress in front of their partners or have sexual intercourse for fear of not being able to perform adequately.

A woman’s lust for a big penis can be traced to an evolutionary and biological necessity. In Darwin terms., survival of the fittest eludes that females should mate the with the most alpha male; one who is sexually strong and capable. This ensures the best genetics are passed on to her children.

Common Concerns

One of the biggest concerns women have with larger penises of course is the pain that could potentially be caused. In fact, one woman referred to it as: reverse childbirth. The vagina is usually a fairly tight fit, and with that being the case, a penis of any size will work just fine.

“Men complaining of a short penis can be treated using the basic principles of sex education with objective methods of penile size evaluation” — Rany Shamloul, MD

The problem we have run into here is that everyone is incredibly different. Everyone has a different preference, but it has been confirmed that most women at least fantasize about their partners having massive schlongs. Fantasy and real life however, tend to be two different things. At least in most cases.

Every women has a size they prefer but time and time women tend to gravitate towards bigger and more satisfying partners. It’s the girth that rubs on women’s little G-Spot which is located about an inch up inside the vagina. In general, men with big dicks are considered good in bed because of the increased penetration and long-lasting, full-arousal.

A recent study in the United Kingdom showed that men have a better body image and more sexual confidence in the event they have a large penis. In spite of this, any penis will fit inside of a vagina. But is the ability to deeply penetrate and a women and fill up the walls of the vagina that will provide maximum pleasure for both partners.

In the end, a woman’s preference is going to depend largely upon how well the man can perform. Naturally you do not want to have what they refer to as the ‘micro penis’, as that can lead to the rather mood killing question of: ‘Is it in?”. In response to the social and psychological pressure, there are a plethora of ‘penis enlargement’ solutions on the market, and more than a few men have taken advantage of them. Do they work? Absolutely. Do you need them? It depends. Is your sexual performance affected by your disappointing size? Do you feel as if you’re inadequate?

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